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About makrofoto

Since his technical training as an electronics technician and precision mechanic from 1978 to 1981, the founder has embarked on a fascinating journey through the interface of electronics and photography. In 1985, he began to merge these two worlds, laying the foundation for his lifelong passion.

A crucial step occurred in 1986 with the development of color films and the production of prints. This creative process led to the founding of a private studio in 1987, where the boundaries of visual art were explored.
The innovation journey continued in 1988 when he developed a computer-controlled system for exposure color prints—a milestone.

1990 marked another milestone with the founding of the wholesale photo company, Makrofoto, specializing in the import and export of photographic consumables. This laid the foundation for a successful entrepreneurial career.
In 1997, the founder expanded his field of interest by exploring unmanned aerial vehicles to realize aerial-to-ground image transmissions. This commitment to innovative technologies led to the development of high-performance drones in 2013, specifically designed for aerial image recording.

Since 2015, the focus has been on commercial aerial photography and the production of high-quality videos. Since 2016, he has been actively involved in creative activities in the field of photography and videography, always striving to explore new horizons of visual aesthetics.
Our team, consisting of the founder and numerous freelance collaborators from various trades, takes pride in a rich history of innovation and creativity. With a clear eye for technological advancements and a profound passion for visual art, we continue the tradition of viewing the world through a unique lens.

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