Unit 9 Subject-Verb Agreement Answers Lesson 53

Actions that build communities become stronger when citizens regularly and persistently do a multitude of simple things that give them the opportunity to connect with others, build trust, and get 9 lesson 57 in accordance with compound subjects A compound theme contains two or simpler themes that have the same verb. It requires a singular or plural, depending on how the parts of the subject are related to each other. If two or more simple subjects are connected to each other by the coordination conjunction and or by the correlative conjunction, both. And the verb is plural. ometimes and is used to relate two words that are part of a single unit or that relate to a single person or thing. In this case, the subject is considered a singular. If two or more topics are connected by the coordination conjunction or not or not, or the correlative conjunction, so be it. Or not. The verb also does not correspond to the subject that comes closest to it.

Lakes, rivers and streams have fish. 5. The Enegal and Niger rivers (empty, empty) in the Udan basin. 6. The most famous mountain in Africa and the highest peak (east, are) Kilimanjaro. Unit 9, ubject-verb Agreement 195 4. Other types of subject-verb agreement In this chapter, we will look at some of the problems of the subject-verb agreement that cause the most problems for students. But first here is a brief description, like 5 lessons 55 collective names and other Ubjects De Pecial A collective name refers to a group. It has a singular meaning when the group acts as a unit. It has a pluralistic meaning when it shows that each member of the group acts as an individual.

The meaning of the noun in the sentence determines whether the singular or plural form of the verb is necessary. You can determine whether a collective noun accepts a singular or plural verblage by replacing the pronoun it or they. The team wants to give a gift to the coach. (one group, singular) The team agrees to buy its own jerseys. (Individuals, Plural) Some nouns, such as mathematics and mumps, end on -s, but use a singular verb form. Nouns such as jeans and scissors also end on -s and accept plural verblage, but are individual objects. The news is on the radio. (Singular) These jeans are torn. (Plural) If the subject refers to an amount as a single entity, it is considered singular.

If it relates to more than one unit, it is plural. Two weeks seems like a long time. (Single Unit, Singularverb) Two weeks have passed since you called. (multiple units, plural) The name of a company, the title of a book, a movie, a play, a song or a work of art is a proper noun and should be treated as a singular, even if the theme is plural in the title. The Flintstones is a television show that was filmed. (Single title) Exercise 1 Emphasize the simple theme of each sentence. Write in space if the subject is plural and the subject. Broadcast news remains a popular study area. 1. Ms. Tanaka`s class is interested in journalism. 2.

Three weeks were devoted to the study of news programmes. 3. The news enthuses many of the students….