Security Agreement Electronic Signature

The types of signatures described above are described in more detail in the European Union`s Electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation. eIDAS is a comprehensive regulation that deals with electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European internal market. In the United States, the ESIGN Act regulates electronic signatures at the federal level. Wow, good point.- Yes. It`s basically a logic that says, „Someone you trust confirms that this key is related to that person.“ In addition, the security of the key is equivalent to the quality of the security of the person who owns it. Both, without the recipient being able to see the difference. Traditionally, we have placed great trust in paper signatures, but electronic signatures can be created to maintain an extremely strong link between key and content. What does he mean by that? – Handwritten signatures have a strong connection with the person signing, but not so much with the document itself. In contrast, electronic signatures are closely related to the document, but not to the person. Traditional signing is part of a process. A pen or pencil and the use of paper. But a signature without these accessories makes no sense, unless you`re following an autograph.

And if you`re not a celebrity, your autograph never has intrinsic value. It depends on the circumstances around him. And you can`t just electrify a signature. How? – Access to trusted certificates (to confirm the signer of a signature) is only a first step. Certificates must be linked to the holder. The certificate must contain information that the recipient can recognize. The Norwegian authorities use my social security number to attach my signature with a key and a certificate that make me the same Rolf Riisnæs from whom they receive documents. The social security number is not present in the certificate itself, but, when verifying the signature, it is provided in another way by those who issue the certificate. The Norwegian social security number cannot be used by a foreign government if it has not stored information about me in advance.

Not all countries have unique national identifiers. After a better understanding of the legality and security of electronic documents, what should you do now? Recommended first step of implementation: prepare the internal team for electronics. It can be difficult to overcome tradition in a tradition-based sector. Imagine you`re going back and forth in a trial, right? It is only when the parties actually sign the document that they say, „Okay, now we agree.“ The signature is the symbol of something that goes from time to time. But.. – There are examples where there is a direct link between the signature and the agreement, which will only become legally binding when both parties have signed. . . .