Uniform Continuing Education Reciprocity Agreement

As part of ongoing efforts to streamline processes and implement consistent transactions for both licensees and consumers, the Insurance Department is announcing changes to simplify continuing education (EC) requirements for established producers and licensed insurance windows. Starting December 1, 2020, Massachusetts-based producers and delivery drivers who successfully take recognized continuing education courses in reciprocal or online countries will receive a continuing education credit for these courses in Massachusetts. These changes are expected to reduce barriers for both resident and non-resident EC providers and lead to additional and more varied continuing education offerings in the future. However, Massachusetts producers no longer have to rely on courses in their home countries. Under this ERC agreement, producers who take CE courses accredited in another reciprocal state or online receive CE course credits in Massachusetts. In accordance with Chapter 139 of the 2014 laws, to renew your licence for the Massachusetts insurance producer, you must have completed your training credits prior to the licence renewal date. If you do not take out your continuing education credits before the renewal date, this may result in additional fines and reintroduction fees. Failure to meet Massachusetts training requirements may also result in your licence being suspended. In addition, the ERC agreement amends the definition of a „credit hour“ of the existing 60 minutes to at least 50 minutes and eliminates the requirement that EC courses be at least two (2) hours of credit.

Under the ERC agreement, courses approved in other states are not subject to substantial review by Massachusetts. Information on filing courses for approval in Massachusetts is included in the package of ISPs: www.prometric.com/test-takers/search/maceprov. An initial application form, a fee and a detailed sketch showing the times and minutes for each subject must be submitted at least thirty (30) days before the date of the training course. A detailed business CV or biography for each course manager must be included in the application. If the application is submitted by a secondary supplier, a copy of the authorization agreement must be provided. The applicant`s federal tax identification number must be on the application. Do not use your Social Security number if you do not have a federal tax identification number. Each individual, insurance company, special insurance association, insurance manufacturers` association, accredited higher education institution or insurance training organization may submit continuing education courses for approval by the Commissioner. Course information must be submitted on the training provider`s course request, which can be printed here from this site. A completed application must be submitted to the Indiana Department of Insurance, c/o CE Coordinator, 311 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2787.