Professional Services Agreement Software

Unless explicitly stated above, C-I services are provided „as seen“ without guarantees, insurance, express or implicit. Splunk and its suppliers and grantees refuse any guarantee and guarantee regarding C-I services, including any tacit guarantee of commercial continuity, satisfactory quality, adequacy for a specific purpose, non-counterfeiting or silent enjoyment, and any guarantee arising from the course of trade or commercial use. 3.1 Except as stated in sections 3.3 and 3.4 or otherwise agreed in the SOW, all inventions (patentable), discoveries, improvements, trade secrets, know-how, designs, formulas, processes, techniques, algorithms, information, ideas, software, Object code, source code, computer programs, interfaces and/or other copyrighted objects that have been developed and created for you by the SOW („work product“), your (and/or your client, if the services are provided to you as subcontractors) are exclusive properties with all rights, ownership and interest in such a work product that is yours (and/or your client if the services are provided to you as subcontractors). You (or your customer, if any) have the right to use the product or part of it, as you (or your customer, if necessary). „work statement,“ work instructions and/or applicable orders decrying the specific services to be provided by Splunk, including all materials and components provided by Splunk. 10. INDEMNITY. The client releases BCC and maintains it unscathed and will defend itself against all judgments, costs and expenses reasonably incurred, including, but not limited, by BCC as a result of claims, actions, shares, claims and threats (all „claims“) related to or related to (a) the use or combination of services or creations or derivatives with other documents, Products or services of the customer, its end-users or a third party who is not a third party of BCC who negotiates at the request of BCC (including, but not only on customer content), (b) inappropriate use of a service or creation or work derived from BCC, or failure to use an update or replacement version as provided by BCC as provided by BCC , or (c) any modification or modification of a design, update or work derived from it, with the exception of BCC or on behalf of BCC, provided that such a claim could only be changed for such use, combination, modification or modification. 1.5 Our subcontractor status.

If we provide you with the services as subcontractors, SOW will provide the name, address and contact information of your client („your customer“) for whom we provide the services, and you agree that our obligations alone apply to you and not to your customers. In addition, you ensure and guarantee that: a) you will not provide any guarantees or guarantees on our behalf and/or on behalf of our licensees and suppliers, and that you include in your agreement with your client sufficient conditions to prohibit all such guarantees or guarantees as well as any liability of our and our licensees and suppliers with respect to your customer with respect to the services and/or product of work; and (b) your agreement with your client must comply with the protection granted to us in accordance with Section 3.