Nscn Collective Agreement

But other naga outfits involved in discussions with the center are very interested in signing. „Most of the skills have been agreed so that we can continue,“ said a member of the working committee of the Naga National Groups, a coalition of seven armed naga groups that requested anonymity. „The flag and the Constitution will be followed later by a democratic political process after the signing of the agreement.“ He continued: „That is why the agreement must be protected by inclusion as a separate chapter in the Indian Constitution and as our own Yezhabo. The idea is that no party will then be able to change things unilaterally. Winning candidates are granted a place of work in accordance with the collective agreement. A tribal leader, who supported the Naga National Political Groups to reach an agreement with the Indian government, summed up the position: „What is the point of simple symbolic gestures such as the flag and the constitution if we are not sovereign?“ In fact, the agreement gave new life to the talks – over the next few years, both sides agreed on most issues and raised hopes that a solution to this boring six-decade issue was imminent. Naga`s national political groups, who signed a preamble similar to the 2015 framework agreement when they participated in the talks, claimed that the NSCN (IM) had sold a dream to the people of Nagaland all the time. „To date, they have not made public the content of the framework agreement,“ Alezho said. „IM keeps talking about shared sovereignty, but we know very well that the Indian parliament will not accept such a thing. Which country on earth will share its sovereignty? Naga`s largest armed group, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah), said it refused to sign an agreement with the EU government without a separate flag and constitution. „The Indian government has been very clear about the three-month period ending October 31,“ said Alezo Venuh, a group envoy. „We are therefore confident that they will comply in the Gron and also that they will sign an agreement by the end of this period.“ We hope you can enjoy your experience on the NSNU website. Here, you can keep NSNU`s activities up to date, easily access your collective agreements and updates, find the latest editions of the NSNU newsletter, apply for scholarships and scholarships, monitor NSNU campaigns and advocacy work, access the Members Only page and more. Happy Browsing! Consensus, however, cannot be unanimous.

Naga Hoho put his weight behind the NSCN (IM). „Is it possible to sign an agreement without the chief negotiators?“ asked their president HT Zhimoni. He said: „If they are willing to sign an agreement without a flag or constitution, it means that Nagas is not a sovereign nation at all. What was the subject of this whole fight? In addition, the new agreement proposes a bicameral-Naga parliament instead of the existing national assembly. The new body, Tatar Hoho, will also have the power to govern the territories of Naga in the adjacent Manipur and Arunachal. Although the framework agreement remains secret, several people confirm that it does not explicitly refer to „common sovereignty“.