Kaspersky End User License Agreement

It is treated to recognize legitimate users. This data is necessary to maintain communication between Kaspersky Lab`s product and services – send and receive product databases, updates, etc. 3.3. Your license to use the Software is limited to the period specified in the license certificate, the remaining period can be accessed by the means described in the User`s Guide. Data such as device type, operating system, etc., may be required, so the user does not need to purchase a new license for the security product after the operating system is reinstalled. This information also helps us analyze cyber threats, as it shows how many devices are affected by a particular threat. Explain to users the effects of issuing or withholding consent. 1.11. Web portal refers to services provided by the rights holder and used for the management of installed software and licenses, for the recovery and/or recording of software information, and for contact with technical support. The web resource can be „Corporate Account,“ „Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.“ Any other web resources used for the above purposes can also be used. Ensure the execution of a contract with users and ensure the necessary performance of products and services to customers. Below are links to end-user licensing agreements (EULAs). EULAs are hosted outside on their own supplier websites to ensure they are always up to date.

The EULAs describe the main end-user rights and restrictions on the use of the supplier`s products and services. Improve user interaction and experience with our products and services, particularly changing interfaces and providing desired content and advertising in marketing. Put in place procedures that allow users to exercise these rights in a simple, timely and efficient manner, which does not result in delays or excessive costs. 5.3. The right holder supports the processing of all data received from the end user in accordance with the end user`s instructions. The licensing agreement, in particular the provisions of Section 5 „Data Processing Conditions,“ as well as the use of the software functionality and its configuration by the end user, are complete instructions that the end user gives to the data processing holder, unless a separate written agreement between the end user and the holder or its partners gives another. New malware can often only be identified by its suspicious behavior. For this reason, the product analyzes data on the processes performed on the device. This helps identify processes that indicate malicious activity at an early stage and avoids harmful consequences such as the destruction of user data.

3.1. If you modify your computer or modify the software installed on other vendors, the rights holder may be invited by the right holder to repeat the activation of the license key or software installation.