Denver Police Department Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019

CdeBaca was one of the loudest opponents of police culture and funding. Your supporters want to move millions of dollars of police funding to other places to change the way the police operate. „Today`s Council decision is not only short-sighted and irresponsible, it continues to put municipal employees and services at risk of layoffs and budget cuts, and shows a total disregard for police officers willing to participate in victims, which demands our current budgetary situation.“ Also typical of the table, according to the city`s district attorney`s office: a government lawyer who is conducting negotiations for the city, at least one representative from Mayor Michael Hancock`s office, a senior DPD official, someone from the department of security, budget experts and human resources employees. In 2014, the city negotiated with the police union and agreed on three-year incremental increases. Increases rose from 2.5 per cent in 2015 to 4 per cent in 2017. „I have not received any notice, but I have gone to the negotiator to see if the collective bargaining process has begun,“ Jamison wrote in an email to Lisa Calderén, chief of staff to City Councillor Candi CdeBaca. This story has been updated to clarify the power of the city and the department of security over police decisions. Taxpayers who pay for police misconduct and salary increases normally granted to police officers after negotiation should not participate in discussions. Gabriel Lavine, a leader of the Afro Liberation Front, said the meetings should be opened.

His group is one of many demanding changes in the police service, including the transfer of spending from patrol officers to things like mental health interventions and housing for displaced people. In addition to finances, there is also some public sentiment against the police due to situations where officers have killed people from painting. During a public commenting meeting in the early evening, resident Rush asked the council to review the department`s violent history and the municipality`s recent calls to defuse police. „Checking the flexibility of law enforcement and the contribution of their unions is the first step in holding them to account,“ said Lavine. „The lack of transparency in these discussions is a sign for a government that does not intend to understand what we think when we say things like „fund the police.““ Other topics worth discussing are the length of the agreement (the last one lasted three years), personal safety equipment and the number of hours in a work week. „All other workers in the city who don`t have the right to bargain collectively have cuts that are imposed on them where the police aren`t,“ CdeBaca said in Denverite.