Artist Management Agreement Contract Template

„Will we be together forever?“ Probably not. Short-term contracts are highly recommended; Think of it as a trial period — if you like the way it administers you, you can extend the contract for a new mandate until you stop loving it. Souring`s artist-manager relationships are not uncommon in the music industry. As a result, short-term contracts have disappeared. A manager is not paid if the artist is not paid. Talent managers work for the account. That`s why they need to make sure they negotiate the best possible talent for their artist. As a general rule, most managers receive a commission of 10 to 25% of the artist`s gross or net income. The percentage of commissions is negotiated before the management contract is signed. In general, experienced and experienced talent managers set a higher commission rate than talent managers overnight. A power of attorney must be executed so that the manager can effectively manage the artist.

A power of attorney is an authorization given to the manager to allow him to sign contracts, accept and assist banknotes, demand and/or take legal action, etc. on behalf of the artist. It should be noted that there are two types of power of attorney; generally and limited. The inclusion of a general power of attorney in a management contract is considered a red flag. The powers of a leader to sign documents for the artist should be limited. Hie has just started leading a group of emerging artists What happens if the artist wants to terminate the management contract before the end? The possibility of terminating the contract for valid reasons should be provided. An artist should be able to terminate the management contract if his manager neglects his duties and duties. It is best to discuss the possibility of this scenario with your future manager before writing the management contract. This describes both parties` employment expectations.

If you`re working with a new band, with little capital, they might want you to send them to labels, have gigs, etc. In addition, if the project is able to do other people`s work for you (publicists, booking agents, graphic designers, etc.), your task will be to make sure that these people are effective. Will you also have the right to sign certain agreements on behalf of the artist? Before reading the short-term agreement, it is important to understand that this information is generic, as many managers have different management methods. However, you should see the same basic clauses in all contracts. David Bowie, one of the greatest icons in music history, was once directed by Tony Defries. When they had a big fall, Bowie had to fire Defries. Bowie did not know that Defries did own the copyright to most, if not all, of the music that was made during the life of the management contract.